Riff Raff Epitaph

I sit staring into the morning sun; I wish to run, to be free.              
Ponder, wander, diddle daddle not.
Execute Impeccably!
To never fall, hit a wall, stall,
get a dead end job and acquire an overworked, underpaid, fatalistic modern mans drawl.
Our time here is short after all!
We hardly have time to blink if we just sit and think.
Some are content living dreams merely dreaming.
Afraid of uncertainty, plagued by insecurity, ever vainly seeking notoriety in this society of false propriety.
Settling for corporate lives, acquiring wives, houses, homes, dogs and phones.
I would rather live touchy, risky, rocky, rugged adventures.                      
Ride the thin line while you’re still in your prime.
Spend some time forgetting time.                                                                           
Of course, with copious amounts of wine.
Its as good as you make it!
Dont be complacent. Latent side effects.
Live it, love it, love it, feel it, push it, never stop, never settle
live it how you like it,
Take a journey on the road in the grit and grime,
Thats not a crime? Try it some time.
It feels like it sometimes.
the “Man” begins to whine.
Too late,
Ive made up my mind.


About rawilkins

My name is Adam Wilkins (AKA: Haus Wilko, Dirty Adam, or just Wilks) I am a Salt Lake City native and focus on taking advantage of the brilliant myriad of outdoor adventure opportunities this great desert state has to offer. Rock climbing is my greatest passion, but I participate and push to excel in many others. Downhill mountain biking and freeriding, skiing, backpacking, high altitude mountaineering, bridge jumping, slacklining, bouldering, running, beer drinking, and extreme sunset scouting.
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